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PHP Engineer Salary | How much does a PHP Developer Earn?

The average salary of a PHP developer in US is reported to be $82,000 per annum. PHP stands for hypertext pre-processor; a server scripting language for making dynamic and interactive web pages.

The qualification of PHP developer is mostly a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. PHP developer must be creative and should have analytical and problem solving skills. Though the salary of a PHP developer depends on various factors. Some of them are listed below.

1. Location/Region of the Job
2. Employer
3. Experience in the field
4. Other skills, which include knowledge of HTML/Java Script and SQL.

One of the most important factors, which affect the salary, is the location of the Job. For example, if you are working in US for a highly reputed company, you are likely to get paid high. Similarly, if you have a good experience in the field and you know other skills like HTML/Java Script, and SQL, you are a great PHP developer.

The hierarchy of PHP developers is as follows:

1. Entry-Level PHP developer.
2. Mid-Level PHP developer.
3. Senior PHP developer.
4. Lead PHP developer.

The average salary of Entry-level PHP developer is reported to be $40,000 per annum. The average salary of mid level PHP developer is reported to be $55,000 per annum. Mid level developer must have minimum 2 years of experience in the PHP development. The average salary of senior PHP developer is reported to be $72,000 per annum. Senior PHP developer must have 3 to 6 years of development experience. The average salary of Lead PHP developer is reported to be $104,000 per annum. Lead PHP developer has 6+ years of development experience.

PHP is open source server scripting language and it is very easy to learn it on your own. Many tutorial websites like w3schools are available which can help learn PHP from scratch. PHP is widely used language, which is strong, powerful and efficient.

Many freelancers from different study backgrounds have started learning PHP because it is easy to learn and implement.


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