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Software Engineer Salary | How much does a Software Engineer Earn?

Software Engineer's have very high salaries. A software engineer is required to apply the principles of development, architecture, design, testing, engineering, mathematics and evaluation to make computers and other electronic devices work. Software Engineers use various languages to design and maintain computer systems, these languages include C Sharp, Java, C Plus Plus, Pearl, Fortran and Cobol among others. Software engineering salaries are high because software engineers are in great demand. From software houses, banks, schools, Government organizations, departmental stores, medical facilities to even small level business everyone today needs a tech guru who can help them out with a computer system on some level.

On average a software engineer makes somewhere close to US $90,000 a year. The figure obviously depends on the type of organization you're working and the type of designation you have. Among the list of the top thirty best paid software companies Google pay the most, Google computer engineers make around US $138,000 a year, followed by Facebook who pay around US $135,000 a year, Zynga US $120,000 and Apple US $116,00. 


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